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Em caso de Litígio o consumidor pode recorrer a uma Entidade de Resolução Alternativa de Litígio de Consumo:

Nome: CNIACC- Centro Nacional de Informação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo.

Contacto: http://www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org/





Óbidos – a medieval town within castle Wall, Óbidos has an extensive history. Occupied by Romans, Visigoths and eventually Moors for several centuries, it was reclaimed in 1148. A pleasant and quick wall is enough to appreciate these narrow cobblestoned paths, with whitewashed houses and flowered window sills.

Visit to the Óbidos Castle – Built by the Moors in the 8th century, this area has previously been occupied by the Lusitanians (4th Century BC), the Romans (1st Century), the Visigoths (5th-6th century). Strategically located, the first king of Portugal understood the importance of this Castle and recaptured if from the Moors back to Portuguese domain in 1148. This castle had a particular history with the queens of Portugal – the 5th Portuguese King, gave this castle to his wife Blessed Queen Isabel of Portugal, on their wedding night (spent there) – and from then on it was always included as a gift to the future queens of Portugal.


NAZARÉ – Fishing village / International Surf.

Typical fishing village, home to a small town with white houses, scattered on steep slopes and surrounded by huge cliffs. Nazaré is one of the favorite tourist destinations of the country. Nazaré has managed to retain many of their traditions – women sitting on the side of the road renting rooms /chambers/simmers, drying mackerel with sun and salt, wearing the traditional seven layered skirts and hats to carry the fresh fish baskets on their heads.

At the top of the village, high up on the cliff, you will find the “Sítio”, with the most amazing viewpoint in Nazaré, the Suberco Belvedere that you can access by a local road or by the popular funicular elevator ride that travels along the 110m hillside in a leisurely fashion.

The “Sítio” is a tourist attraction and has many sites suchs as Our Lady of Nazareth church, the hermitage of Memory (honouring the Legend of Our Lady of Nazareth), the pilgrimage Square, the Etnographic and Archaeological museum of Dr. Joaquim Manso, and the 17th century St. Michaels Archangel Fort, where presently the lighthouse is installed.

ALCOBAÇA – The Royal Abbey of Santa Maria of Alcobaça, better known as the Monastery of Alcobaça, is a Medieval Roman Catholic Monastery – founded by the first Portuguese king Afonso Henriques, in 1153. Considered one of the most important medieval monasteries in Portugal, and one of the most notable Cistercian Abbeys in Europe., it is listed by Unesco as a World heritage Site.  Some of its features are: the main chapel’s Ambulaory; the Chapter House; the Sacristy; the Chapel of Relics; the Dormitory; the New and Old Kitchen; the Refectory; the Cloister of Silence. You cannot miss visiting the tombs of Portugal’s most enigmatic star crossed lovers – King D. Pedro and Lady Inês de Castro.


The Monastery of Batalha is listed in the Unesco World Heritage Site since 2007. This monastery also known as Santa Maria da Vitória, is one of Portugal’s largest architectural gems and also the most striking symbol of the Avis dynasty (circa 1385-1582). Its construction was requested by the King D. João I, Master of Avis, in honor and thanks to Saint Mary for his victory in the Battle of Aljubarrota. Presently, the monastery of Batalha is a grand gothic monument where the Manueline style was first introduced.


“The World’s Altar” – This is a place of religious reunion with Faith, Love and Hope; famous pilgrimage hub of Christianity’s and one of the most important Marian devotion sites. It is believed that Our Lady appeared every month between May and October of 1917 to 3 shepherd children.

Sanctuary of Fátima – the Shrine to Our Lady of the ros

ary of Fátima, located in “Cova de Iria”, now has a cast set of buildings as well as an ample outdoor space with an approximate area of 86400 square meters, holding about 300 000 people.

Apparition Chapel – built next to the holmoak where Our Lady appeared. On the 13th of May and October, this is center of all the celebrations in honor of Our Lady of Fátima.

Great Holmoak – the tree were Our Lady would appear over to the 3 shepherd children – Lúcia, Jacinta and Francisco.

Religious souvenir shops and restaurants

Paulo VI Pastoral Centre – this centre began construction in 1979 and was officially opened in 1982, by Pope John Paul II, with the objective of creating a much needed infra-structure to give support to the religious, cultural and scientific activities held here.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Monument

Wax Museum – depicts the history of the apparition, as well as other religious figures.

Shepherd’s Monument – a round-about in the city depicting the 3 children.

We can create a bespoken tour for Fátima, that doesn’t include the other cities mentioned in this itinerary – in case you’d like to attend religious service or conferences, etc.


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